The best choice to replace the steel rebar is to choose the composite one.

Composite rebar for construction projects REBAR PROREBAR

Composite rebar is primarily made with resin and fiberglass 85% adhesion to concrete.
For the manufacture of composite rebar, we use fiberglass with a thickness of 600/1200/2400 tex, corresponding to the diameter of the manufactured product. This allows to increase the bonding of the fibers and improve the technical characteristics of the material.

Essential informationThe benefits of the composite REBAR PRO:

3 times stronger than steel

with an equivalent diameter change

Cheaper prices for construction

with low corrosion threshold

of 80+


Technical characteristics of the composite rebar

The ratio of steel rebar to composite rebar, by physical and mechanical properties:

Steel Rebar6 mm8 mm10 mm12 mm14 mm16 mm18 mm
Composite GFRP Rebar4 mm
(0,023 kg)
6 mm
(0,052 kg)
7 mm
(0,071 kg)
8 mm
(0,082 kg)
10 mm
(0,133 kg)
12 mm
(0,230 kg)
14 mm
(0,280 kg)

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    Application of composite rebar

    Application field of composite rebar

    Why is composite rebar is in demand? The product is much lighter than metal and resistant to corrosion. Composite rebar is used in aviation, electrical engineering, construction of bridges and roads.

    Construction of private houses

    Industrial engineering

    Reinforcement of walls

    Construction of swimming pools

    Construction of roads

    Construction of bridges and fences