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Composite rebar with sand coating for construction projects REBAR PRO+REBAR

Reinforcement based on resin, fiberglass, and sand spraying. Composite rebar with the sand coating is an improved option of polymer rebar. The main difference is that it has increased rates of adhesion to concrete and mortar. As a result, the structures built with the help of the composite rebar with the sand coating will be even more durable, lasting, and light.
For the production of composite rebar, we use fiberglass with a thickness of 600/1200/2400 tex, corresponding to the diameter of the manufactured product. It allows to increase the adhesion of the fibers and improve the technical characteristics of the material.

Valuable imformationAdvantages of composite REBAR PRO+:

100% adhesion
to concrete

due to sand

Stronger than steel
in 3 times

with an equivalent diameter change

for 80+

service lifetime

Comparability with the steel rebarTechnical characteristics of the composite rebar

Steel rebar
Composite rebar PRO+
CharacteristicsStandard ValueDiameterStandard ValueDiameter
Tensile strength390-490 MPa6 mm800-1300 MPa4 mm
Elongation25%8 mm2,20%6 mm
Modulus of Elasticity210 000 MPa10 mm55 000 MPa7 mm
Thermal conductivity46 W/(m0oS)12 mm0.35 W/(m0oS)8 mm
Linear expansion13-15 ah-5/S14 mm9-12 ah-5/S10 mm
Density7850 kg/m316 mm1900 kg/m312 mm
Dielectric propertiesHigh electrical conductivity18 mmNon dielectric14 mm
Designed for use in challenging and corrosive environmentsCorrosive, low resistance20 mmStainless material16 mm

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