Be the first who try a new product to your market and manage a profitable business.Become a Rebar partnerPartnership

We follow the principle that the success of long-term business relations is dependent upon trust, motivation, and innovation. Being our business partner means getting a loyal supplier for a long-term relationship.

The benefits for DealersWhat are the benefits for our business partners?

We produce a relatively new but popular building material that will be relevant for the next decades. By investing money in our products, you will attract new clients to your market and raise the number of your orders. We offer:
Certified products along with test reports
A better price range
Quick delivery
The high quality that is measured by the tests made at our production
Products always in stock
Quick costs calculations
Consultation and support

The main thing for us is not to find a lot of clients but to produce a lot of products of high quality. Every client should be satisfied with our production.

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