More lasting for high loads

Rebar Fiberglass Mesh REBAR

Rebar Fiberglass mesh is made using the technology of glass roving and epoxy resin. Advanced fiberglass weaving technology allows RebarMesh to outperform already existing composite meshes in the Ukrainian market. It is much better than metal in terms of its technical characteristics.
Fiberglass mesh is a full-fledged analog of metal mesh. Every year more and more builders choose it for work. The advantages are obvious: weight, price, convenience, and reliability.

Important informationPros
of REBAR Fiberglass mesh:

Adhesion 100%
to concrete

due to sand coating
sand spaying

Stronger than steel
in 3 times

with an equivalent diameter change

80+ years!


Comparison with the steel rebarSpecifications of Rebar Fiberglass Mesh

Rebar MeshSteel MeshIndicatorsSteel ВР-1Rebar Fiberglass Mesh
2 mm3 mmTensile strength550-570 MPa
800-1300 MPa
3 mm5 mmWidth0,38 – 1 m0,38 – 1,2 m
4 mm6 mmBreaking strength of the rod400-720 kgf600-950 kgf
Thermal conductivity
56 W/(m0°C)
0.35 W/(m0°C)
Linear expansion
13-15 ах-5//°C9-12 ах-5//°C
Square unit weight2220 kg/m3360 kg/m3
Dielectric properties
High electrical conductivity
Does not conduct electricity
Resisstance to aggressive environment
Corrosible and low resistant
Corrosion, acid-resistant

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    Construction of roads

    Industrial engineering

    Construction of bridges and fences

    Construction of private houses

    Reinforcement of walls

    Construction of swimming pools

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