About usWe are a Ukrainian company manufacturer of composite products: composite rebar (GFRP) and mesh fiberglass rebarREBAR

We have our own production in Ukraine (Dnipro city) and warehouse of 900m². Our products are certified and we have test reports.
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Daily production

composite rebar with improved characteristics
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Why US?Our products

Our composite rebar (GFRP) has exceptional physical and mechanical properties, which are confirmed by testing in concrete constructions. Product appearance: – Rebar rod with the edge, without gaps, holes.

We as the manufacturer guarantee this product’s compliance with the requirements set out in TU U 22.2-43802084-001: 2021. We are testing our products before each delivery.

Our products are tested every year. Since 2021 we’ve started our export activity. Due to our flexible structure, we are always open to new business partners. This creates conditions for long-term and fruitful cooperation. The individual approach to collaboration allows us to develop mutually beneficial relationships with each of the partners and satisfy the client’s needs for orders. Our main aim is to provide the clients with our products all over Europe as we do it within Ukraine. We believe that many of the best ideas can come from the outside, and therefore cooperation with other companies, organizations, and research centers is a fundamental part of our business strategy. Partnership and the development of innovative approaches is our strategic priority.

Mutual partnership advantages Partnership with us will allow you to get the experience of Global cooperation; Opening and developing new markets, Innovative solutions. Cooperating with us, you will be given a chance to take advantage of expert support from our teams. With our staff, you’ll be able to present your products at new markets in different countries. We offer a full range of services to support your ideas and products at all stages of business. We are interested in the potential opportunity to cooperate with potential clients and distributors. Our target is to leverage capabilities, experience, and resources from each other to better meet our patients’ needs.

Our production

Our production capacity allows us to produce more than 15km of composite rebar every day.

We test each order before its delivery to the client.

  • The curing oven has a very low-temperature drop < (over the entire length (10m)
    It allows more “correct” adjustment of the curing process along the entire length of the ovens
  • vacuum cooling chamber
    for faster production and smoother cooling

We have strict quality control at all stages. By ordering our products – you are guaranteed to get long service life of the product.

+38 (097) 752-06-47
04070 Kyiv, Heroiv Dnipra str. 34, office 405
Cooperation with REBAR

We are working according to INCOTERMS


01Composite rebar

For reinforcement of all types of building structures

02Composite rebar PRO+

WIth sand coating for better adhesion to concrete

03Mesh fiberglass rebar

For reinforcing building structures, laying roads and sidewalks
In stock

04For plants and greenhouses

In the agricultural application
In stock
More information about REBAR company
More information about REBAR company
More information about REBAR company
More information about REBAR company
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Peter Trebuchet

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