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With a nominal cutting length of 3-40mm with a thread diameter of 10-15microns, glass fiber for concrete is manufactured as a cut roving.
By fusing glass fibers with concrete, you may create a superb composite material with many benefits:- much cheaper than carbon fiber.- more flexible and also stronger than metals. - transparent to non-magnetic, non-conductive, electromagnetic radiation. - remains dormant under many chemical conditions.
Product Specifications:Diameter - from 15 to 35 micronsLength from 12 to 25mmDensity - 2.6–2.7/ cm3Tensile strength - 350-530 MPaAppearance - white fibersMelting point, ºС - 860Elongation at break,% - up to 4.5Elastic modulus, GPa - up to 50

IF YOU ADD IT TO CONCRETE, YOU'LL GET:- Ultimate strength in compression, bending and stretching - 4-5 times- Impact strength - 10-15 times- Frost resistance - more than 300 cycles- Water resistance - W20

Applications of Glass Fiber in concrete

● Industrial concrete floors● Small architectural forms cast from concrete● Parking lots● Road and bridge surfacings● Concrete structural elements of residential and non-residential buildings