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Today the company Rebar is the sole manufacturer of Fiberglass Direct Roving and Composite Bent Elements in Ukraine 

Also, the company produces fiberglass reinforcement and construction meshes on its own industrial sites.

LLC KOTE UNION (Rebar) since 2020 year

The company was founded in 2020 with the aim of popularizing fiberglass (composite) products, known in the USA and other countries but not so popular in Ukraine. The launching of this project took a quite long period of time, starting with the purchase of equipment and its settings and ending with the training of workers and their adaptation to new technologies. That's how the production of composite rebar began.
The next step was the production of the composite rebar with the sand coating and the launch of the project concerned the composite mesh. We opted for composite braided mesh as the glued one was inferior to the characteristics of the composite mesh and only composite braided mesh is 3 times stronger than steel.
In March 2021, we started working on EU certificates and exporting our products at the same time. We conducted a detailed analysis and devoted a lot of time and effort to the export activities.
Today, we have a very good understanding of exporting construction products.Our customers are followed from the beginning of their projects and to the deliveries to their construction sites or warehouses. In Rebar, we do everything to make our cooperation potentially easier for you to continue with your expansion and growth.

The main achievements of the enterprise

European quality certificates

We have extensive experience and can be proud of  10 000+ completed projects.

Deliveries to the largest retail companies

We value each client and always respond to feedback throughout our cooperation.

Successful cooperation with 3 Exclusive Partners

We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

First deliveries to South America

We offer multifunctional programs that include the needed set of features and support services.

Every month the production of composite rebar reaches 470.000 linear meters and the production of composite mesh - 450.000 m2

Our production lines have been deeply modernized, many machines and mechanisms have been replaced with modern ones. That's why the quality of our products is improving over the years.


The production process of Fiberglass Rebar 

Fiberglass reinforcement is made of linear strands of glass fibers, which are collected in the beam reinforced with periodic profile, impregnated with a thermosetting resin binder, then exposed to heat (polymerization) and cooled. It turns a solid rod of high strength three times the strength of steel by tensile test results, and less weight 9 times with equal diameters.
Fiberglass reinforcement with the sand coating is made in a similar technology, but the sand is applied evenly over the reinforcement rods before the polymerization process.

The production process of Fiberglass Mesh

The fiberglass mesh is made of fiberglass and epoxy resin. Fiberglass mesh is bars — bonded with each other, which forms a very solid to all kinds of mechanical and chemical influences bars.
For the production of our products, we use only fiberglass direct roving (E-glass type) and epoxy resin.


The production of Fiberglass Direct Roving and Glass Fiber 

Direct Roving is a zero-twist yarn of fiber filaments, it is produced from glass of an aluminum-borosilicate composition with a diameter of 10-24 microns (µm) and a linear density of 140-4800 TEX using silane sizing.
Firstly we produce Fiberglass Direct Roving ofE -glass type and then we cut it into different lengths 6mm, 12mm, 18mm and 24mm.


The production of GFRP bent elements

The bending of the composite reinforcement bars is impossible but the extensive capabilities of our production line and its additional settings help us to produce the bent elements of any shape and size.

The strength of the rod is not less than 1000 MPa. The strength at the bend point is not less than 600 MPa.
We can produce them for you according to your geometric dimensions.

Our company is focused on the production of high-quality fiberglass products.

We are always striving for quality and innovation in our services.