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We produce a fairly recent yet popular building material that will be relevant for the upcoming decades. By investing money in our products, you will expand your market and increase the amount of orders you receive.
1. Certified productsYou may be confident that you won't buy a pig in a poke because we place a lot of emphasis on quality and devote a lot of effort to it.
2. Competitive pricesDue to in-house production in Dnipro, you won't overpay and will instead receive the pricing directly from the manufacturer.
3. Quick deliveryWe work with over 10 different logistical partners. We won't have any issues getting you a truck.
4. Samples and promo materialsWe will send them free of charge=)
5. Customised ordersPlease let us know if you require a unique product design. We are here to assist you.
6. Business trip to our Production or OfficeWe constantly invite visitors to come and see us in Ukraine. We can make arrangements if you are ready.
7. Help with finding clientsIf you have just started your own business and you don't have any clients, we can help you with it. We know some practical and effective ways to find new customers and grow your business in a competitive market.